The Kemoverse: Index

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The Kemoverse: Index

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So... Tuner.

After all this time that I've dropped little hints and plans for this thing called "Tuner"... I'm sure it's been confusing. Tuner? Kemoverse? What's Tuner got to do with, you know, those books? What does it all even mean? Well, it's kind of... complicated to summarize everything in to a sentence, seeing as I haven't even reached the start of the actual story. It's a pretty expansive story too, seeing as it includes characters, stories, plans, games and comics that I've made throughout the past 2-3 years. However, the words themselves are pretty easily defined.

The Kemoverse is the "world" that I've built upon where basically all of my creations takes place in. The Kemoverse is just like our Earth, however it's 200-300 years in to the future. Well, how does that make sense if they're still using flip-phones and fat computers? I wish I could tell you, but it's a secret. For now. Suffice to say, there are no humans. There are no animals. Good luck figuring out how, it just is that way.
Tuner is the main story that I'm working on that is basically... well, this one is legit hard to put in to a sentence. It involves the main characters (Mika, Kat, Solmin and Sylva). They begin by going out on a little adventure, but ends as they start a chain reaction of events because of another guy (Neerak). It also involves a bunch of tech-y stuff, but that comes way later. Something about Nadeko, Latrix, and Eyetec, and lots of other things you read in the third book. And, humans. And, a global crisis. It's complicated, and stretches over the entire Kemoverse from before, beginnings, during, and as of right now in the story, present. It covers a lot of ground, which is why I split it up.
Pre-Tuner is what I call the prologue to the main Tuner story, where the main characters personalities and life are explained. I mean, the Tuner story is pretty focused on their lives, so I like to explain how they got here. From the usual life of the inhabitants of the Kemoverse, to the moment Tuner starts.
(Far-off) I actually don't have the name for this period, but it's before the Kemoverse. It's when humans existed. And things went wrong. And somehow, it all became the Kemoverse.

So, with that brief explanation, what have I actually made that is part of the Kemoverse? Surely, there must be an organized index of everything related to it. No... I'm far too lazy to do that. Well, I'll write it up here.
Red titles means they're work in progress. Green means they're complete. Blue means I don't want to work on it anymore.
They're also sorted chronologically, so you know in which order you're supposed to read them in.
  • Kemoversity game
  • Various Mika/Kat comics
  • Students from the Kemoverse 2
  • Tuner webcomic Ch.1
  • Tuner webcomic Ch.2
  • Stories from the Kemoverse 1
  • Sensations from the Kemoverse 4
  • Scenes from the Kemoverse 3
  • ...
  • Nova
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