Kemoverse Online [Alpha 2] (backlog)

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Kemoverse Online [Alpha 2] (backlog)

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January 20th, 2021, 7:16 pm

It seems I forgot to make a thread for the Alpha 2 build! Well, it was the "Theme update" where I became more involved with setting a proper theme on interiors and in the game in general, making sketches and discussing with Lumi who helps me make the game.

  • Changed company name and updated Login/Intro screen
  • Improved some repeating textures
  • Improved spawning system
  • Added motion blur and CRT effect
  • Improved some equipment and added flashlight
  • Lots and lots of various small fixes
  • Refined and standardized ambient feeling in every area
  • Improved target menu (the menu that appears when interacting with something)
  • Improved quickmenu (bottom right icons) with hotkeys Z,X,C,V
  • Expanded "pack" and "area" main menu tab
Released on Patreon on November 30th.

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