Kemoverse Online [Alpha 3] (backlog)

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Kemoverse Online [Alpha 3] (backlog)

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April 28th, 2021, 11:15 am

I also seem to have forgotten to write an update for the third alpha, so here it is. It's the Vegetation and Items update as we added plants and flora on the campus and I did some further work with the equippable items. I worked on it from December with an intentional end date in beginning of February. There is also an update video that I never published.

  • Book and phone user interface
  • Better footprint code
  • Clap animation
  • Able to /throw equipment (not synchronized)
  • Updated equipment (is in pack tab)
  • Added equipment:
  • Glowstick with dance animation
  • Watergun
  • Painted images (clipboard, spraycan) are on server
  • First cutscene test
  • Updated character creation
  • Updated desktop (/popup desktop)
  • Terrain and vegetation update
  • Campfire, Gazebo, Garden
  • Outdoors window reflections
  • Added a radio in student room
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